Värikäs graffiti alikulkusillan betoniseinässä. Graffitissa lukee tyylitelty BLADE ja oikeassa laidassa on humoristinen ja viheltävä puukko.
Kuva: Blade, 2018. HAM/Hanna Kukorelli.

Sensory Tour of Public Art & Art Hiding in the City

Art tours for English speaking families in Helsinki

A Sensory Tour of Public Art

Have you ever imagined what a sculpture could sound like? Or how it could feel to explore a piece of art through touch?

On this tour we will explore the Helsinki public art collection through our senses! Using five senses and our imaginations, we will explore public artworks in the central Helsinki area. Sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste will all be our guides for this tour. Through this sensory exploration, we will experience public art in a new way and develop new ways of relating and engaging with art in public space!

Where & when: City centre 7.8. at 13-14:30, for 5–8-year-olds and their parents. Free of charge. Total length of the tour: c. 1,9 km.

Art Hiding in the City

Do you ever notice artwork while walking in the city? Have you ever thought that there could be artworks hiding in plain sight? 

On this tour we will explore unlikely artworks throughout Helsinki city center! Many of the artworks on this tour often go unnoticed on our daily walks. We will investigate what public art can be and share our thoughts on the significance of public art in the city. The tour will include two participatory art-making activities where families can explore what kind of public artwork they would be interested in making and share their perspectives on art in public space! 

Where & when: City centre 14.8. at 13-14:30, for 9–11-year-olds and their parents. Free of charge. Total length of the tour: c. 1,9 km.

Both of the tours will be guided by artist and art educator Laura Hasanen. 


The tours are part of Get to know HAM project which was initiated as a way for English speaking families to become more familiar with all that HAM, Helsinki art Museum, has to offer – from the diverse selection of exhibitions in the museum, to the vast collection of public artworks scattered throughout the city.

The project offers three tours (one in April and two in August) and the first run will be free of charge. Families will be able to register for the events ahead of time. The places for the tours are limited to 15 persons per each. When making the reservations make sure you register both the parents and the children participating. Please add any additional info that should be considered or ask for details.

After the reservation we will send additional info before the tours as where to meet our guide.


Kuvataiteet, Ympäristö ja luonto


Näyttely, Opastus, Retki, Työpaja, vierailut


1.–2. luokat, 3.–6. luokat, 5-6 vuotiaat, 7.–9. luokat


julkinen taide, kuvataide, opastus, veistokset

Tapahtuman kielet



Kaupungin taidemuseo


Aino Mäntyvaara




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